How to access ZDP online classes & FAQ’s

All you need to know to join a session

How to access my on demand and live classes:

  • Follow the book now link – preferably using Google Chrome as that works better
  • Sign in using email (works better than the other two options)
  • If you have booked the ZDP online membership, you will have a code to enter in the Student Code box. If you are booking PAYG, Pay via PayPal or Card – this will give you instant access to the class

Clear some space, have lots of water to hand and bring me some energy! We are going to have some FUN!




Q – If I sign in for the class at 11.30am or 8pm will I only get 20 minutes of the class?
A – No – you will get the full hour class. You just have to ensure you have signed in by 11.50am or 8.20pm to be able to get access into the class. From there you will have the hours class and you can pause it too!!!

Q – Why do you say to sign in with an email as opposed to Facebook?
A – Experience from others has shown that there are less technical issues with gaining access if you sign in with an email address. I’m not sure why this is but I just want to ensure you face as little issues as possible. None of my participants have had trouble accessing the class when using Google Chrome as their browser and signing in with an email.


Live classes

Q –  Why do I need to sign in before a certain time?
A – It is how the platform has been made. I need you to be ‘in the class’ by a certain time for you to access it so you have to have signed in by the time I have specified for each class

Q – How early can I sign in?
A – You can sign up/in to the class as soon as you would like using PayPal and as soon as you get the student code if that’s how you’re accessing it. Either way, when you do this you’re in!! You will see a black screen with a countdown to the class, you can walk away from your laptop or whichever device you’re using and then come back to it once the class begins.

Q –  What happens if my internet crashes and I need to get back to the class?
A – Follow the link on my website to that class and it should give you access again

Q –  You have said you have gone ‘live’ but my screen is black.
A – There is a delay so it can take a couple minutes, if after a couple minutes it is still black then refresh as a last resort.

Q – Can others in the class see me dancing?
A – No! I have your names on my screen but no one can see you (but I know you’re giving me 100%). That is the beauty of the virtual class, build confidence getting to grips with steps and choreo, have fun and experience the class before joining me when face time face classes resume!