Welcome to the world of ZDP with me, Amy – hi!!!

Those of you who have danced with me can vouch that I do not take myself too seriously. I am here to have fun and I want you to do the same. For me, fitness should be fun – otherwise why would you want to continue with it? I am not your typical ‘fitness instructor’ as I have never enjoyed the gym and PE was my least favourite subject at school – but I LOVE to dance. With Zumba I have found something that has improved my fitness, helped me to lose 3 stone after giving birth, improved my mental health and confidence plus introduced me to some of the most amazing girls ever – my ZDP GirlBand. Attend my classes and you will become a member of the GirlBand too. It is exercise in disguise and you can work at a level that suits you (I will push you though!) I attended my first Zumba class 10 years ago and I am still in love with the programme as it is pure happiness.

How it started: I attended my first Zumba class in 2010. At this point I never enjoyed ‘exercise’ but always loved to dance. Back then, dance classes for adults didn’t really exist in Yeovil, the small town I am from, not the sort of dancing I enjoy anyway so I was excited to see what this was about. I was sooooo nervous but the music started I had the best hour. I completely lost myself in the music.

2011 I did my B1 – Zumba was my side hustle alongside working at a secondary school. 2012 I moved from my hometown to Bristol and whilst I stopped my classes to concentrate on my new job, making new friends and my 2nd degree, I still attended classes every week with to get my Zumba fix.

How it restarted: fast forward to 2019 – I had just had my second daughter and after giving up my job in education to raise my first daughter in 2016, I decided to retrain as an instructor. The best decision I have ever made.

How it’s going – 2023 – The ZDP in person and online classes are now multi award winning!! The Yeovil class is the biggest weekly Zumba class in the UK and we are welcoming new members to the ZDP Girlband in all of our classes each week. People are dancing to ZDP classes all over the world through the power of technology and have the opportunity to dance whenever they like, as much as they like through the ZDP ‘Keep Dancing’ online membership. I’m continuing to do something I love with my incredible ZDP GirlBand. When we turn up to classes we have the best time.

My aim is to make you feel GOOD. Fitness should be fun otherwise why would you want to do it? You will leave my class sweating with a smile on you face. Every class is like a night out with friends – in the dark with disco lights. It’s genuinely exercise in disguise. Everyone is welcome regardless of your dance or fitness ability. If you want to jump up and down for the hour to great music and in a fun environment- that is absolutely fine!

Zumba is everything it says it is – a safe space for every BODY to have fun, feel free and celebrate.

Come and dance with me!

Love Amy xxxx

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