Zumba Dance Party


Drop a dress Size in 6 weeks

6 weeks of dancing, support and motivation to help you drop a dress size. No fad diets – pizza is life. The challenge comprises of classes to keep you moving and feeling good and the best thing, they are all on demand so you can dance when it suits you. The challenge also includes food plans which will help you to give your body what it needs to feel great (chocolate, cheese, pizza are all included as that makes our bodies feel great too).

Experience this challenge from anywhere. This is an online challenge so is accessible from anywhere in the world and works around your schedule. No fixed times, dance when you want.

What is included?


2x 60 minute classes and 2x 45 minute classes to choose from each day.
No fixed schedule, so dance when it suits you, simply press play.


ZDP Blast abs and strength class

A 10 minute workout which will strengthen and tone your whole body, especially your core. This class is available every day of the challenge and has incredible results


Access to private facebook group

A private group for those taking part in the challenge. You can be as active or inactive as you like. On here you will get livestreams, tasks, motivational tips, support and meal ideas.


One to one support from Amy

Amy will be on hand to support you and keep you motivated throughout the 6 weeks. This can be via email or social media, whichever works for you.



Temporary meal plans to keep you energised and help you lose weight. No fad diets. The meal plans include chocolate, pizza and takeaway’s.




Are you Ready for a challenge?

6 weeks of dancing, support and motivation to help you drop a dress size. No fad diets – pizza is life, just classes to keep you moving and fit in with your life, plus food plans which will help you to give your body what it needs to feel great (chocolate, cheese, pizza are all included as that makes our bodies feel great too).



Anyone looking to lose weight, tone up and get fitter. It is also for anyone looking to increase their energy levels, gain confidence and feel better in their clothing. This will help you to establish a healthy routine which you can adapt to your life, for lasting results.

Book the challenge. The day before the challenge starts, you will receive an email with all of the details to access the classes. You will be given a link to click, a  code to enter then you simply press play and dance. You can access the classes through your phone, tablet, laptop and TV.

No, do not panic. No one can see you as the classes are all pre-recorded.

No, life is busy and you need this to work around you. All of the classes are pre-recorded and available on demand so when you want to do a class, you simply press play. You can do the classes at any time, from anywhere.

Of course! Every one is welcome to join ZDP classes. No experience is necessary, you do not need to be fit – this may be why you have signed up, to get fitter. I do not take myself too seriously and I want you to have fun. My classes are designed to give you a great work out, get sweaty but have fun whilst doing it. It really is exercise in disguise. Before you know it, it is time for the cooldown and you are feeling good.

No. All photos which I have shared of past challenges are with the permission of those who are in the photos. The Facebook group which you are invited to at the beginning of the challenge is private and within it you can be as active or inactive as you like. It is good to be a part of the group though as that is where I will post tips and live video support to you all. You can message me privately at any time to discuss the challenge and I will provide the support, motivation and encouragement you require.

No, this challenge works alongside any in person classes you already do, whether it is Zumba, Body Pump, Spin – keep attending those classes. Your body is already use to those classes so this is extra to give your body the extra workouts.

This is tried and tested by me and you can see the results in the results section (can you guess which is me)? I lost 3 stone in 3 months by doing this and now I have created the ZDP Blast Challenge so you can do it too. The fun ZDP Dance Classes give you a high intensity work out which is going to get you sweating and burning calories. It doesn’t feel like exercise as the music is so good, therefore you are busy enjoying yourself and before you know it, you have completed a class. Alongside these classes the ZDP Abs and Strength class works to strengthen and tone up your body whilst you are losing weight. They work well together because as you gain more energy from the dance classes, you will give more in the Ab and Strength class and therefore get the results. The meal plans will give you the energy you need to move. Because you will start to see and feel the results quickly, it will motivate you more to keep going with the challenge.

I hear this a lot an I totally get it. Everyone has such busy lives and the thought of trying to add exercise or increase exercise into our lives can seem impossible. This is why this challenge is great, it is all on your time schedule. I have had full time working Mum’s who have children with extra curricular activities worrying they would not be able to do this due to how busy their week is, and they have done it. You can fit the classes into your schedule and when you feel and see the results you do, so quickly, you will be making sure you squeeze in a class. When I first did this, my youngest was 6 weeks old and eldest was 2 and a half. I would complete a ZDP class whilst my girls were napping in the afternoon to get it done. The Ab class would be done first thing on a morning whilst my husband was still at home. Even with a rubbish nights sleep, because I saw results quickly, I was determined and motivated to do do the classes.